Wiccan Tea

Wiccan tea is any tea used by followers of the Wiccan belief in cleansing and blessing rituals. 

Wiccan tea is not a specific type of tea. Wiccan tea can be made from a variety of herb mixtures. Amongst some of the many herbs used are Anise Star, Calamus Root, Catnip and Hops Flowers.

Some herbs used for making Wiccan tea is intended to help with women's health issues, reinvigorate the body (for instance, the use of gingko), relieve depression (such as St John's Wort) and ease sleeping problems.

Wiccan tea rite

The purpose of the rite is to thank the gods, and for the gods to bless the person for the following day.

For the Wicca tea ritual, practitioners would generally use an anointed red candle and pure spring water, as well as the herbs for the tea.  Pure spring water is preferred because it is said to contain more energy than normal tap water. Spring water has been retrieved directly from its source and has not been treated with as many chemicals as tap water.

The initial preparation begins with cleansing the teapot and cup. If required, the herbs should also be blended. The spring water is then boiled.

When the water is boiled, the candle is lit while the following is intoned:

Gracious Goddess,
You who are the Queen of the Gods,
The Lamp of Night,
The Creator of all that is wild and free;
Mother of woman and man;
Lover of the Horned God, and Protectress of all the Craft;
Descend, I Pray,
With Your Lunar ray of power,
Upon my rite here!

Blazing God,
You who are the King of the Gods,
Lord of the Sun,
Master of all that is wild and free;
Father of woman and man;
Lover of the Cresent Goddess, and protector of all the Craft;
Descend, I pray,
With Your Solar ray of power,
Upon my rite here!

The water is blessed with the following:

O Lady of the Mountain Streams,
O Lord of The Green Glade Creek,
I call on You to bless and purify this water
With Solar rays and Lunar beams.
So mote it be!

The herbs are blessed with the following:

Thou has grown by favor of the Sun, the Moon, and of the dew.
I make this intercession, ye herb:
I beseech thee to be of benefit to me and my rite,
For thy virtues are unfailing.
Thou art the Dew of all the Gods,
The Eye of the Sun,
The Light of the Moon,
The Beauty and Glory of the Sky,
The Mystery of Terra.
I purify thee so that whatever is wrought by me with thee may,
In all its powers,
Have a good and speedy effect with good success.
Be purified by my prayer and be powerful!
So mote it be!

The herbs are then placed in the teapot, and water is added. As the tea is steeping, a prayer is said to the gods, asking for their blessing. After the tea is finished, the following is intoned to finish the ritual.

O Mistress of the Holy Moon,
O Master of the Sacred Sun,
I give thy thanks for Your presence here,
And blessings given.
I now bid Thee farewell.

Blessed Be!

Hail fair Moon,Ruler of the Night;
Guard me and mine
Until the Light.
Hail fair Sun,
Ruler of the Day;
Rise on the morn
To Light my Way!

So mote it be!