Hyson Tea (Lucky Dragon Tea)

Hyson tea is a green tea from China. It is also known as Lucky Dragon Tea. Lucky Dragon Tea is actually a variety of Hyson which has a light, almost ethereal flavor. Lucky Dragon Tea is known as a fine variety of Hyson Tea

Hyson tea is usually made from young leaves and Hyson tea leaves have a long, twisted appearance. The leaves are thinly rolled, almost resembling twisted thread.

Generally, Hyson tea is tea of mediocre quality and is considered a low-grade tea. The name 'Hyson'  translates as "flourishing spring". However, despite the fact that Hyson tea is seen as low-quality, the tea was highly prized during the 18th Century by the British. It was so highly prized that the British tea tax was higher for Hyson than other teas.

Hyson tea has a greenish-yellow color with good body and a smooth, refreshing taste

Preparing Hyson tea

Hyson tea can be drunk both hot and cold

For hot Hyson tea, it is recommended that 1 teaspoon be used per cup, which should be placed in the pot. Pour boiling water into the pot and allow the tea to brew for 3-5 minutes before pouring into the cup.

Hyson tea should be drunk on its own. Milk or sugar is not required and is actually undesirable. As Hyson tea is of low quality, it is quite easy to over-brew the tea, hence creating a strong-tasting, even bitter tea.  

For cold Hyson Tea, 6-8 teaspoons of tea should be used for 5-6 cups. The tea should be allowed to brew for 5-7 minutes before being poured into a pitcher. 6 teaspoons of sugar should then be added.

Cold Hyson tea can also be poured over ice, or ice can be placed into the pitcher. Cold Hyson tea can be garnished with a slice of lime or lemon.