Detox Tea for Cleansing

Detox tea, or cleansing tea, is tea selected primarily for their cleansing properties. Detox tea is mainly used for cleansing the body, hence the name "cleansing tea".

Detox or cleansing tea is usually a mixture of various herbs, rather than tea made from tea leaves. The main goal of detox tea is to cleanse the liver and the gall bladder.

Detox tea usually contains a variety of herbs that are noted for their medicinal benefits. Some of these herbs include dandelion, cardamom seed, black peppercorn, cinnamon and fennel seed.

Detox and cleansing teas may have a slightly sweet and sour taste.

Properties of detox tea

Detox and cleansing teas contain a range of herbs, chosen for their medicinal purposes. Some varieties of detox tea may contain over twenty different herbs.

Dandelion root is the main ingredient of detox tea. Dandelion root features strongly in folk medicine as being beneficial for the liver and the gall bladder. Dandelion root is said to strengthen the whole body, with special emphasis on the liver and gall bladder. The root is said to promote the flow of bile, remove gall stones, and helps reduce swelling in the liver.

Health benefits of detox tea

The main health benefit of detox or cleansing tea is to cleanse the liver. The liver is the primary organ for removing waste, and is important to maintain the health of the body. The liver can be overburdened by toxic substances such as alcohol and other drugs, plus by metabolic waste products such as ammonia.

Detox teas and cleansing teas are intended to gently flush the liver of excess waste and toxins. The herbs used for detox and cleansing teas are not intended to purge the organ within a few days, but rather is intended to work gradually over a period of time.

Detox teas and cleansing teas may also promote clear skin and improve overall body detoxification.