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Barry's Tea have made their own gin, and we're extremely intrigued

MSN Tea News - Sat, 2017-11-11 04:17
Barry’s Tea have teamed up with Blackwater Distillery in Co Waterford to make their very own… tea gin. Along with oranges, lemons, juniper berries and all that jazz, the ginmakers introduced some tea to the mix, and ended up with this: But what could ...
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Uplifting Spiced Saffron Tea

MSN Tea News - Sat, 2017-11-11 03:22
There’s nothing better than curling up with a hot cup of tea after a long day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this soothing Uplifting Spiced Saffron Tea from THE HAPPINESS DIET. As discussed in our Golden Rules, saffron has been used in traditional medicine ...
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Unveil The Mystery of Yellow Tea – Flower Field’s Strong Aroma

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 21:26
With 2 mins, and a cup of water, you would have a garden. Among all the types of Chinese teas known to the world, black tea and green tea are two that enjoy the most limelight, while others stay in a relatively inconspicuous state, such as dark tea and ...
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Tea parlor Emma's Tea Spot opening in Hamilton

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 21:12
A British tea parlor and restaurant is opening in the former home of the Green Onion Market in Hamilton. Emma’s Tea Spot is on track to open Nov. 25 — Small Business Saturday — at 5500 Harford Road, owner Emma Canoles said. The shop will offer an ...
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Another Watergate Scandal: the Hotel Now Offers $400 High Tea

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 18:13
Afternoon tea in England is a beloved ritual in many households. But in Washington, it’s a fancy event that’s mostly relegated to luxury hotels. A number of places like the Park Hyatt and Henley Park offer high tea with splurges that range from ...
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Tea-Tasting Classes

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 17:06
Premium tea brand Pure Leaf will be hosting a pop-up experience in Chelsea that will offer a class on tea. In the tea masterclass, tea lovers will be invited to explore 10 different blends prepared by baristas. The class on tea will be led by Pure Leaf’s ...
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Inquisitive elephant joins tourists on safari for a tea-time break

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 07:26
Footage of an elephant approaching a group of tourists during their tea time break in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. The video, captured on November 1, shows the elephant stretching and grabbing branches of a tree before he slowly walks toward the ...
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Best-selling author Fiona McIntosh’s new book “The Tea Gardens” explores the last days of British Raj

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 06:03
What could be more enticing than a novel about the last days of the British Raj in India? A book about tea perhaps? Perhaps a book about both? British-born author Fiona McIntosh, whose background is Anglo-Indian, has combined these two themes to great ...
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The Middleborough Public Library presents an ‘Edwardian Christmas Tea’

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 05:48
MIDDLEBORO — Join us for a delightful afternoon of holiday cheer as Mrs. Gordon, played by Rita Parisi of Waterfall Productions, transports you back to Christmas 1908 during an Edwardian Christmas Tea, at 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Find out ...
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Naked Suspects In Alberta Kidnapping Drank Hallucinogenic Tea, Relative Says

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 05:44
LEDUC, Alta. — The people charged in a bizarre naked kidnapping that ended in a car crash may have unknowingly drank some hallucinogenic tea over breakfast, says a relative. RCMP have released few details about what happened Monday just before 10 a.m. in ...
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I Can't Decide Whether I Love Or Hate This New Tea Trend

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 05:10
Welp, because it's the year 2017 and literally anything is possible, I'm here to tell you that ~cheese tea~ is a thing — and it's probably about to take over your Instagram feed.
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Tickets On Sale For Holiday Tea At Epiphany Chapel In Odenton

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 05:03
ODENTON, MD — Tickets are on sale now for the annual holiday tea to be held Nov. 18 at the historic WWI Epiphany Chapel and Church House in Odenton. Epiphany Chapel & Church House at 1419 Odenton Road is open for tours and an old fashioned English Tea on ...
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The Health Benefits of Black Tea You Should Know About

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 03:02
You tryna be tricky? That email doesn't look right. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier Before I switched to Team Coffee, I was a tea junkie. From chai to jasmine to plain ol' green, I loved it all. What really ...
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6 Reasons to Swap Your Regular Chai With Herbal Hibiscus Tea

MSN Tea News - Fri, 2017-11-10 02:46
Tea is, undoubtedly, one of the most comforting beverages. Besides the regular black tea and green tea, a new class of herbal and caffeine free teas has emerged in the last few years. These herbal teas are actually infusions of herbs, plants, spices or ...
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Milk tea samples test negative for 4 toxins

Yahoo Tea News - Tue, 2015-04-14 00:00
Samples of the milk tea that killed a teahouse owner and his customer in Sampaloc, Manila last week tested negative for four poisonous substances, Health Secretary Janette Garin said yesterday. According to Garin, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) failed to detect cyanide, arsenic, nitrate and nitrite in the milk tea samples submitted by the Manila Police District. “But it does not mean ...
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Marooned in an overgrown tea garden

Yahoo Tea News - Mon, 2015-04-13 20:06
What happens when a tea plantation closes?
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TWG Tea Heralds the Arrival of Spring with the 2015 Edition of the Sakura! Sakura! Tea

Yahoo Tea News - Mon, 2015-04-13 16:08
TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, celebrates the transient beauty of cherry blossoms with a delicately fragrant blend, evoking Kyoto’s most celebrated and anticipated season.
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Duncan tea estates face strike threat

Yahoo Tea News - Mon, 2015-04-13 11:56
Kolkata, April 13 (IANS) Tea workers of Duncans Industries Ltd. (DIL), which has 16 estates in north Bengal, have proposed to go on a strike on April 16, demanding regular wages and optimal living conditions while 25-30 percent of its workers are reportedly migrating to other gardens. "Since last few months, over 25,000 regular workers and several other contractual workers in DIL are not getting ...
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Authorities inspect ErgoCha tea house anew, get more samples

Yahoo Tea News - Mon, 2015-04-13 11:24
//       AFTER the Department of Health found that the milk tea that killed two people was not laced with any toxic substance, members of the joint agencies inspected anew on Monday the now shuttered establishment in Manila.   Members of the DOH, Food and Drug Administration and Manila Police's scene of the crime operatives opened the ErgoCha tea house along Bustillos Street in Sampaloc to get ...
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Milk tea sample tests negative for toxic substances

Yahoo Tea News - Mon, 2015-04-13 08:16
MANILA (1st UPDATE) – A sample of the milk tea which caused the deaths of two people in Manila last week tested negative for toxic substances, the Department of Health (DOH) said Monday.
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